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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

February News

As we begin 2011 we wanted to share with you just one of the many life changing stories we are privileged to be part of:

The Brothers Mdende:
Born in Eastern Cape, the Mdende children were seven in total, five brothers and two sisters. When both mom and dad left the Eastern Cape to find work in Cape Town, the children (the youngest being 9) found themselves struggling with no parental supervision. Khumbula, then12, and  Masakhane, 14, made their way to Cape Town to find their parents. They discovered that their parents had separated and that their father had started in new family. They tried to make a life for themselves in the township of Phillipi where they shared a crowded shack with their mother and sister and a number of other people seeking shelter. 

"It was hard," remembers Masakhane, "and I wanted something better." The brothers hung around the parks in town during the day, and befriended Chad Henning, a professional photographer who frequented one park during lunch breaks. "He got to know us and invited us on outings, trying to keep us encouraged." Chad referred the brothers to the School of Hope, where the brothers resumed their education. Eventually they were joined by their younger sibling (currently in Grade 10) and all three were accomodated at Beth U'riel, a residential facility for young men in Salt River.

Khumbula and Masakhane both completed their Grade 12 year at the School of Hope in 2010. Khumbula was enrolled at Cornerstone Christian College where he is studying Community Development. As for Masakhane, all through his school days he worked at  popular restaurant Aubergine, where he graduated from table waiter to Sous Chef. This year, he has been accepted at the International Hotel School in Cape Town where his studies will begin in August. Both brothers have full bursaries to cover their studies.

Says Masakhane, "The School Of Hope helped me understand myself and where I wanted to go with my life. It is more than just a school. It is a place where you can develop as a person and learn how to be truly successful in life."

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