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Thursday, September 15, 2011

September News

Education opens the doors and creates choices!

As such, career guidance is an integral part of ensuring that learners pursue a career path that they love, and that they are successful and employable after matriculating from high school.  Many high school learners find the world outside of school intimidating and are often unsure of how to navigate their way through the various career and study options out there.  At the School of Hope we recognise this.  We offer on-going career counseling to our Grade 12 learners and deal with this topic extensively in Life Orientation.

For the past four years we have a run a Career Week, where various professionals and tertiary institutions address our learners thus opening their eyes to the their career opportunities and also inspiring them to study further.  This year our career week ran during September and we had a number of professionals join us from different sectors.  It ran in the form of a career panel where each profession could share about the career and the learners had the opportunity to ask questions.

Michelle Johannes is a fashion designer with her very own fashion line, MiLiJo.  MiLiJo has had many successful fashion shows and can now be found in 2 boutiques in South Africa.  Michelle shared openly with our learners and made us laugh as she shared the highs and lows (mostly highs) of the fashion industry.  The love she has for fashion designing is apparent and she stressed the importance of pursuing a career that you love. We also had a number of professionals represent the tourism industry as many of our learners have a keen interest in tourism.  Rhonda Savage-Julie is the owner of Rhonda Tours & Explores, a tourism company that specializes in tours of the Cape Flats.  She could truly relate to our learners as she grew up in Bridgetown, Athlone.  Rhonda shared how she entered the tourism industry and gave the learners good insight into how they could enter this industry. Another inspiring speaker was Ayanda Tini.  Ayanda is a television presenter and actress but is best known as a radio DJ, with her own afternoon show on Good Hope FM. She shared her own life story as well as the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.  Our learners found her story inspirational and walked away with valuable tips on making it in this industry.

Career Week has become an institution at our school; each year the inspiration moves a learner to complete their schooling and pursue a career that will break the cycle of poverty in their family once and for all. It’s one more way the School of Hope is making poverty history.
Rhonda Savage

Ayanda Tini

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