The School of Hope is a place of learning where we value HOPE FAMILY TRANSFORMATION RESPONSIBILITY AND GIVING. We are education-junkies, sold out to breaking the cycle of crime, poverty and unemployment by giving every person the chance to complete their education. There is nothing more important that we can do for South Africa today!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January News

Some of our graduates in New York earlier
in the year

The achievement of our 2011 matrics is a story of hope and perseverance against all odds. Many schools have achieved 100% passes, some with 200 or more matriculant but at the School of Hope, each of the nine learners who finally made it to Matric had been told it was impossible. Many of them had given up hope and for them this victory is sweet indeed.

For the educators and management it is a confirmation that our model works. Our admission policy does not allow us to pick the cream of applicants. We simply look for commitment to complete their education, regardless of their circumstances, aptitude for mathematics or academic potential. Every young person has the right to access to a good education, all that we require is commitment and that each learner has taken responsibility for their learning.

In an atmosphere of hope and our family-like environment, that dedication translates into success. This is why we have seen learners with learning disabilities, learners living in deep, desperate poverty, learners with babies and those with criminal records pass and leave the school as productive members of their community.

The outstanding Matric pass rate of 2011 is not the result of one person's diligence, but the leadership and dedication of a staff that simply will not give up on any young person that is part of the school family. Donors like Travelstart make it possible for us to hire the best teachers - those who are passionate about teaching and learning and who want to see every individual access the best education possible, regardless of where they come from or what they have done. Thank you, Travelstart, and all our consistent donors, for your contribution in 2011. You share in our victory!

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