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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May News

Our Swedish Connection Continued!....

Last month we told you of the exchange students we received for a visit. This month it was our turn to go to Sweden!

Six of our learners and two educators participated in a unique cultural exchange.  From the streets of the Cape Flats, learners were flown over the Baltic seas to a the country known for originating the Nobel Peace prize, and producing Volvo, ABBA , IKEA and Roxette. The learners landed in Sweden not knowing what to expect but excited for the unknown and for an experience they would never have dreamt of.

They had the opportunity to become a part of a Swedish family and experience life at school in a small town called Kumla. Our learners attended classes in arts, music, Spanish, physics, entrepreneurship, woodcraft and their favourite, sports. They played indoor soccer, squash and learnt Swedish folk dancing.
During their time in Kumla, the town flew the South African flag in their honour. They were also invited for lunch at the municipal offices. Wherever they went, they were treated like royalty. The local internet radio station featured the group and allowed one of our learners to host the show which was later broadcast in the community television news station.

Our students formed friendships with teenagers from Iraq, Pakistan, Thailand, Bosnia and Somalia. They were filled with the richness of diversity and their lives were impacted by the simple life in Kumla. They also toured the historic city of Stockholm.

Families that hosted our learners opened their homes and allowed them to experience Swedish traditions, one of them being the tradition of removing their shoes before entering a home. Our learners speak warmly of how the table was laid for dinner and how special attention was made for their packed school lunches every day. They gave our learners an opportunity to share in the love and commitment they have towards being a well functioning society.

Sweden is rich in beauty and interesting in culture but what stole the hearts of our learners is the warmth and love they received from the small town of Kumla.

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