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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April News

Do you have happy memories of Camp?

As I read Daryn’s report on our school camp, I realized how much has not changed a bit. A good camp still has all the elements you’ll read of below. Read and remember!

‘Just before the school holidays in April, a total of 40 students and staff from School of Hope went on camp. Our location was Bridges of Hope, a tranquil place situated amongst the grapevines of Franschoek. Prior to reaching our destination, we stopped at Strand beach where we were placed into teams according to our school’s core values: Hope, Family, Responsibility, Transformation and Giving.

Once settled, the Survivor themed contest began. Staff and students became fully emerged in group-building activities. The day at the beach caused much stomach-cramping laughter and brought out some healthy competition.

Once at our destination, the team activities continued in the form of war cries, structure-building competitions and other strategic team-building activities. The students were also able to relax by the pool and soak up the beautiful surroundings. The most memorable event was Fear Factor where mopane worms, red chilies and a smoothie of sour milk, egg and Oreos were on the menu. Team members had to encourage one another in order to maintain composure and keep from retching. This, however, was not always achieved!

In the evening we gathered around the camp fire and ate marshmallows while discussing life, love and everything in between. Our time at camp also included prayer and worship, where the students learned new worship songs and many were moved and drew closer to God.

Overall, Team Family won the Survivor competition. Each member was given a new stationery hamper.  The students and staff then packed up and headed back to school, stopping off at Mac Donald’s for an ice cream. Our time at Bridges of Hope was thoroughly enjoyed by all, brought us closer together as a family and made us wish we could stay a few days longer.’

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