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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dutch Connections!

What a joy it was to host 31 Dutch students and their teachers from Sint Maartens School in Holland. For a whole week they made our library their home and spent every waking moment doing things to improve our school building.

They also taught us a dance, introduced us to the 1Billion Rising campaign against women abuse and gave us a taste of Holland – teaching the Consumer Studies classes to make delicious waffles.

One of the great projects they tackled was the planting of an indoor hanging garden (right). This ingenious idea has added much needed green to our indoor premises.
Global Exploration made it possible for learners at the School of Hope and those from Sint Maartens to gain experience through a cultural exchange. Their mission is simply to make making a difference in the world.

They excitedly and passionately came to paint the school, teach lessons and immerse themselves into a different culture, confronting the realities facing Cape Town’s youth. Their hope is that this experience would give their learners a fresh perspective on life, and impact our learners as well.

Our learners reflected on this experience as follows:

“They were kind and different to what I expected. We will miss having them here. They felt like family. Mikhail Adonis” (Grade 8)

“We had such a lovely time sharing with the learners and learning about their country and culture. Having them make our school colorful with all the painting has changed the atmosphere and we are truly thankful for their contribution. They became a part of our school family and the bond we formed with them will remain in our hearts.” Natasha Damons and Shireen Hendricks (Grade 11)

“It was a great experience as the students breathed new life into the school and inspired all of us to not give up, no matter the situations we find ourselves in. They showed us how to work together and that hard work makes a difference.” Marshalino Jankowski (Grade 9)

Thank you Global Explorations for this connection. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know our new Dutch family!

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