The School of Hope is a place of learning where we value HOPE FAMILY TRANSFORMATION RESPONSIBILITY AND GIVING. We are education-junkies, sold out to breaking the cycle of crime, poverty and unemployment by giving every person the chance to complete their education. There is nothing more important that we can do for South Africa today!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July News

School of Hope believes in giving back!
In 2011 School of Hope developed a new Core Value. The value of GIVING: to devote or sacrifice something such as time or effort.

As a school this value exists as an expression of the generosity of others, it is imperative that we, in turn, give back to the communities in need around us. Our own transformation must result in compassion towards others. We value generosity of spirit which we express through community service.

This month we gave back to the community by collaborating with Habit for Humanity to build two homes in Mfuleni. The community of Mfuleni is a relatively new township located approximately 30 km from Cape Town CBD and is now home to around 25,000 people. Housing is a great priority in Mfuleni as nearly 40% of the community lives in informal shacks that lack water and electricity. There was no greater opportunity than being part of giving someone a home. For us the experience was phenomenal and we embraced every second with a kind heart. Here is what the students had to say:

Ishmael Moosa: “It felt good for me to build a house for someone else. I learnt that it is always good to give without receiving something as a prize or gift, seeing the smile of the home owner was my reward.”

Zandre Reid: “I learnt about team work, how to be committed and be a good leader. To me it felt good knowing that I could do something for some else and it was something meaningful.”

Dillan Saayman: “For the first time I got to see what it takes not to just think about myself but of others too.”

This experience has reminded us to put into practice living a life of transformation. The good things we build, end up building us!

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