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Thursday, September 27, 2012

September News

Much can be said about the benefit of education and attending school: it provides opportunity for personal growth, discipline and problem solving, social interaction, purpose and future security. Besides all these benefits, school life should prepare learners to launch, equipped, into the world at large, a world of work and a world that rewards diligence and entrepreneurship. Since not even a matric certificate can guarantee everyone a job, we encourage learners to think of themselves as job-creators and not just future workers.

One way we do this is through Market Day, a simple but motivating opportunity to dream up a business idea, execute it and make a profit. Or not. School of Hope's Market Day is an important part of the Business Studies, Hospitality, Consumer Studies and Economics learning areas, allowing our learners to put their theory into practice ... in a delicious way, if possible!

This month's Market Day was a great success as we had the best learner participation of all the previous years, which is a key indicator that our learners are passionate about their future.

Each class had a focus such as East meets West, Cafe', Bistro and Something Sweet. They day was filled with laughter, lots of eating and an impromptu dance floor that opened up for talented individuals to entertain the crowds.   The learners surprised everyone with the manner in which they took responsibility and initiative and executed their plan with enthusiasm and flair. 

In spite of torrential rain and what felt like a hurricane raging outside, the Market was well attended. All the groups made a profit and sold out of their product. The Chinese food was particularly popular but also the special desserts, vetkoek and mince and samoosas were memorable. In the end, every learner had an opportunity to see their ideas in practice, to learn from their errors and to earn something by working smartly. Now that's a lesson worth learning for our future entrepreneurs!

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