The School of Hope is a place of learning where we value HOPE FAMILY TRANSFORMATION RESPONSIBILITY AND GIVING. We are education-junkies, sold out to breaking the cycle of crime, poverty and unemployment by giving every person the chance to complete their education. There is nothing more important that we can do for South Africa today!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We are home!

We are home!

After an arduous seven year search, the School of Hope has new premises!
Sipho Banda and Laura Collura

Situated on the Observatory/Mowbray border, the school is conveniently placed near public commuting hubs. The secure business-park complex offers a uniquely professional and dynamic environment.

Having left our intimate premises in Bridgetown, it has become more important than ever to foster a nurturing school culture - one that offers high academic standards while providing holistic intervention.  

Our beautiful little school encourages a new kind of instruction; one that challenges the staff to try insightful and creative approaches to pedagogy.  The only "old" comfort we hold on to, is the familiarity our core values: hope, family, transformation, responsibility and giving.

School of Hope
Unit 27A&C
Waverley Business Park
Cape Town
 Phone:  (021) 447 0334                                                                     
Seeing the auditorium, filled with fresh-faced learners on the first day of school, was a sight that visionary educators would appreciate. But, soon began the challenge of managing 127 learners, twice as many as we have had before!

Nothing hits home like this gem of advice from an experienced educator:  
“Let us remember that the most difficult learners are usually the most intelligent. Give them something to do, something that is challenging…” This has proven to be a useful nugget of truth.

We need not have been concerned that the unique School of Hope atmosphere would be lost. It remains, only with twice as much enthusiasm. The great thing about being an educator in the noughties is that you get to capture snapshots like this. The lively and colourful trend of spontaneous music continues in the new premises.

Pictured (from right) is RCL Co-captain strumming away, joined by two Grade 10 learners. The warmth offered by the acoustic sounds as you walk out of the staff room is something any weary teacher will appreciate.

The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) meet weekly to discuss issues that concern and affect all learners, and assist with general event planning. Each member is tasked with the responsibility of an individual portfolio. The RCL are determined to promote a change in thinking, especially where school spirit is concerned.

To those who have traveled the journey with us this far, thank you.  Your continuous and increasing support is most valued. Let this be an encouragement to the new family of supporters. You have joined a team of people who have been committed to this task for years and you share in our joy as we begin a new and exciting chapter. Still, the mission remains, and what we are doing is of tremendous importance. We are the “education junkies” of this democratic nation. There is nothing more important that we can do for South Africa today than to educate her children – as in Bridgetown, now even more so in Mowbray.

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