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Monday, March 17, 2014

Remembering ... and speaking out!


Grade 9 learners at School of Hope  recently visited the Holocaust Center, as part of the Social Sciences curriculum. The center is the oldest of its kind in Africa. It houses insightful historical content about the Human Rights violated during and post-WWII.

The day was spent attending lectures, viewing historical artifacts and watching documentaries. The outing gave the class an opportunity to engage with topics discussed as part of the History curriculum, in a different and experiential way. What a great opportunity it was to honour the millions of lives that were lost as a result of a Nazi genocide and to join the people who say, 'Never again!'.

Educator Sipho Banda and Social Worker Daryn Jones accompanied the learners

Upcoming Human Rights Day (21 March) was put into perspective during this experience
Speaking Out!

While the Grade 9s were crystallizing their ideas about social issues and  finding their voices to speak out against injustice and oppression, two Grade 11 learners were selected to participate in the District Public Speaking competition held at Herschel Girls School on Saturday the 15th March. This being our first year, we were grateful just to be participating and to be part of this eloquent and outspoken community of young people. Siyanda Seteni encouraged us to 'laugh like old folk', referencing a famous poem by Maya Angelou. Siphesihle Mzukwa highlighted the challenges of people living in his beloved township of kwaLanga. Both did their best and were honoured with participation certificates. The real learning took place as they confidently mixed with their peers from private and public schools and connected as young people with something to say.

Next year, we go for the medals!

Siyanda Seteni and Siphesihle Mzukwa bottom center

Pictured here with proud English teacher Sipho Banda

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